OK, here we go.

I just want to say sth about free hugs. Today, I went to see our Rotary's action about free hugs.

I won't commend they do it good or not,  but I want to say sth abt free hugs spirit.

Let's see the first free hugs action.


Let my introduce this for you:

This guy name Juan Mann, and he just wants to hug ppl to bright their life.

 Why he started this? Cuz when he back to his hometown---Sydney, he couldn't feel any welcome at airport.

After that, he decided to change this city. That didn't spend him a lot of time. 15 min passed, ppl started to hug with him.

And, what should I say this? Let me show you their spirit:

"In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign, PASS THIS TO A FRIEND and HUG A STRANGER! After all, If you can reach just one person"

We don't need to announce we are here loudly, or used a speaker...just silent and stable, let ppl know you r here.

So, try to do it more longer, not do it as like a festival. Right?


For me I think ever one needs hug everyday. But, think abt this, do u always hugs ur mon or dad or your friend?

Well, I do.


That's not pity sb. That's share. We're not enough, so we afraid to share, and pretend we're good at all.

But that's not true. Think abt it, and try to do it better.


That's probably not right way, but I think....share love is final target.

That's what I want to say...

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