Yes, dear all my friends.

I'm under some "pressure-crisis". At this whole new position, I have to say I can't get any happy emotion.



...that's serious and critical. I try to do it better.

That's why I didn't update something for a while.

I can't just put my stuff down and say "ok, it's done, I don't want to care about these shit anymore".

Whatever, so I went to BKK before last week. Awesome city! Ever I had lived there for two yrs.

So, let's check out. More photo on my facebook album.


You said why didn't I invite you to join my trip. I know, and I really want to invite you.

But I can't. Before I promise sth to you, I won't do that. However, if you promise me sth, that's same result.

I want to show you this world, we can explore it together. I love this idea, don't you?






Photoed by D300, 50mm F1.8.

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